Roland Brown was a speaking leader in Camps Farthest Out for more than thirty years. He was a graduate of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and was ordained to the ministry by the American Baptist Churches USA. He served two congregations near the campus of the University of Chicago.

Roland Brown

Prayer was his major interest since his teenage years. He disciplined himself in prayer, studied and taught about prayer, and prayed for many who came for his help. In 1935 he and his family began attending CFO at Lake Koronis where they benefitted from the teachings of Glenn Clark. As the locations of camps multiplied, Glenn asked Roland to become a speaking leader and asked his wife, Marcia, to lead creative art, creative writing, devotion in motion and morning meditations.

After 1947, when Starr Daily published Recovery, his book about Roland’s ministry in prayer for healing, he became more widely known and began receiving invitations to speak in churches, ministers’ meetings, seminaries, etc., as well as at CFO events. He left his pastorate and began a traveling ministry, often with Marcia, through the United States and Europe. He received more invitations than he was able to fulfill. Roland and Marcia accompanied Glenn Clark in his Belt of Prayer journey around the world in 1954. After Glenn’s passing in 1956, the Browns continued with eleven additional world journeys resulting in the formation of many CFO camps abroad.