About Shepherd Ministries & the CFO Classics Library

Shepherd Ministries started in late 1980 with our own need to feed continually on the Good News in order to bring "fresh news from heaven" to the churches we were pastoring. Many of the excellent tapes we fed on came from "The Lord's Own Tape Ministry," directed by Daniel and Becky Beutler. Many of the messages were so good we made copies to share We began to build a library of golden treasures.

Copying tapes from one tape recorder to another was tedious and time consuming. I "bought" a high-speed tape duplicator. I had to find ways to make it pay for itself, so I contacted the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship and Women's AGLOW chapters in a nearby city. They had been praying for some one to tape their meetings! I was in business. I soon discovered that I had a very good money maker on my hands. Many a night I came home from an FGBMFI or AGLOW meeting with enough money to buy groceries. A CFO camp even let me tape their meetings. We ended up with money enough to take a few days vacation! And the best part of it was that a real tape ministry was developing as we were enabled.

     We could see that God was blessing and prospering our small tape ministry, so I prayed and dedicated the tape ministry fully to God. I asked Him to prosper it more in every way saying "I'll do with this tape ministry anything You want me to do." Little did I know that this was exactly what God was waiting to hear.

One night at a prayer group I heard myself say to the people, "You can have all the tapes you want at cost!" I hadn't planned to say that, and when I heard the words I thought, "That's generous of me!" Imagine my surprise at the next meeting of the prayer group when I heard myself say, "You can have all the tapes you want for free!" When we got home my wife, Helen, and I prayed about this. The answer was definite. We were to begin giving the tapes away, both to those who requested them, and to those to whom we were led.

Since we started giving all the tapes away and were depending on free will donations, we incorporated as a nonprofit organization so that our donors would recieve a tax credit. Having also been active in CFO since the 1960's, we had many classic CFO Messages in our library by many of the founding leaders of the Camps Farthest Out. Our collection of CFO messages continued to grow both from donated messages and through the many camps we were privileged to attend and record. We began to realize that God was turning our ministry into more than just a lending library, but rather an archive of the great teachings of CFO leaders from past and present. In 1998 we were made the official message archive of the Camps Farthest Out, and have since then sought to make these excellent messages available to as many as possible.

In 2006 we began to put Classic CFO messages online for free download. This has expanded to close to 200 messages with more than 10,000 downloads per year from all over the world. It is our desire to move our entire archive of thousands of Camps Farthest Out messages online for all who desire to listen. If you would like to help others to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, we would ask you to prayerfully consider donating to this ministry by clicking here or on the donations link above.

If you have Camps Farthest Out messages you would like to donate to the library, please contact us at matt@cfoclassicslibray.org.

Thank You,
Matt & Helen Leach
CFO Classics Library / Shepherd Ministries, Inc.

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